0.5 specs for farsightedness?

My optometrist says I need +0.5 glasses for reading and studying but be uncertain about it because 0.5 is quite low. would 0.5 goggles really make any difference with regards to reading?
With those sorts of numbers it adjectives comes down to symptoms.

If you aren't having any trouble then you don't need eyeglasses.

If you are straining to read or getting sore/tired eyes then the glasses would help.

Some family just cope better than others with or without. Source(s): 10 years contained by optometry.
You need the glasses.

Wear the glasses.

Why did you be in motion to the Optometrist?

What was your main complaint?

Are you sure he didn't tell you to wear them adjectives the time?
It doesn't make much of a different though sometimes the words might be a little blurry. but ONLY A LITTLE :) Source(s): i wear glasses

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