I find fluorescent oil lamp too annoying, is it because i enjoy glaucoma?

do you have glaucoma? if so then yes thats why flouresent lights bother you.
if you are saying that you don't know if you enjoy glaucoma and you wonder if you do since light bothers your eyes then yes you may have glaucoma.
other symptoms are:
-watery eyes
-eye distress
-head aches
-your eye feels huge.

if you think you may own glaucoma you should to to an ophthalmologist and have your eye pressure checked.

stef: do you have glaucoma? if not you wouldn't know.
regular lights and sun flimsy doesn't bother me at all but when i walk into a school or a store close to walmart my eyes bother me cuz of the flouresent lighting. plus my eye dr has always told me to try to avoid flouresent lights cuz they are known to bother glaucoma patients eyes. Source(s): i've have glaucoma for 11 years. (i'm now 22)
Flourescent lighting and glaucoma are unrelated.
The lighting would bother your eyes if they were dry, you had cataract, or iritis. Not glaucoma.

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