Sometimes my eyes procure a bit dry beside my contacts contained by. Is it okay to use my contacts solution as eye drops?

i think you are wearing lenses for too long. lenses obstruct the contact of oxygen to eyes thus you should not wear them for longer than 6-8 hrs at a stretch. use some biddable eye drops to rehydrate your eyes everyday. not your contacts solution ----it is an alcohol unsuitable for such use -- --but your antibiotic eye drops and tears drops may be of use and also consult your eye doctor for why such dry ness
    You may want to change contacts next time you get them. My daughter have the same problem. She changed brands and is doing fine with the new ones No. Spend the money on artificial tears, never visine. Source(s): I work for an Ophthalmologist.
    Well i'm not an eye doctor or anything but I wouldn't recommend it.
    Several of my friends wear contacts and from talking to them nearly their contacts I am under the impression that the purpose of contact lense solution is to keep the lenses from drying out while contained by the case and, also to *Disinfect* them.
    Now, this may or may not be correct, but, assuming it is.
    Do you *really* want to DISINFECT your eyes? I have, and nothing fruitless has happened. It's not different from the composition of the eye drops. Just remember not to let the tip of the bottle touch your eye or your hand because that can contaminate the solution and cause problems for your eyes.
    As long as it's saline and an emergency it should be fine, but you aren't doing much good for your eyes. You should really use a rewetting drop to obtain the maximum benefit and comfort. You can do providing that it is just saline. however, you should use proper eye rehydration drops contained by the first instance. More importantly, you need to find out why your eyes dry out. it could be you wear lenses for too long or that they are the wrong type of lenses for your eyes. Be safe and make use of your contact lense after carefulness and see the optician. When it comes to your eyes you really dont want to take a chance.

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