Can I attain specs short someone examining my eyes.?

I wear contacts right now however I need to have specs (which I don't own) for military basic training. There are numbers on the side of my contact box like 8.13 or something like that I don't enjoy it on hand at the moment. Can I say just be in motion to wal mart and get glasses that will set my vision to what it is in a minute. I ask because I am no longer on my parent's health care (cause I'm 19 now). Does anyone know if I can do this. Or where I could bring back a copy of my prescription if that is needed?
If you had the eye exam to get your contacts inside the last year, the doctor who did your exam should have the information in the accounts. You can simply ask for a copy of that prescription, as well as one for the contacts, and then go bring back your glasses. You will want to take the prescription to you to basic training as in good health as the glasses and contacts. You aren't allowed to wear the contacts while in basic, but you can once you finish. Depending on the branch you attached, you will have to buy a strap for your glasses once you arrive as well. Just so you are prepared for that. The military also will provide you beside glasses, starting with the first non-stylish pair you will get hold of while in basic as well. As long as you are on moving duty, you will be provided with glasses, although as I said, they aren't stylish. You are usually required to have two pairs near your most current prescription, although you only have to report to basic beside one pair. If you don't have a current prescription, and can't get a copy, after you will need to go have an exam and take them. You can't get glasses otherwise, aside from the cheap reading glasses. Sorry. If adjectives else fails, ask your recruiter for help. Source(s): nurse
optician need to know the power of the contacts and not the underside curvature is-- fact---- provided, in any case you have the power of the contacts beside in 2 years of time prescribed ---if the prescription is more than 2years the power change may have to be asses ed check near your military recruiter - my son occasionally wheres prescription glass and when he went into the coast guard boot camp he have to pack away his glasses and they provided him with basic brown framed cup - so don't spend money yet on something that may be provided to you in boot camp.

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