1 Week Contact Lenses Trial?

I just went in for my first contact lense. The doctor confer me on to wear for a week and then report back. He hasn't issue a prescription yet but he said he would when I catch back. The question is since he hasn't issue a prescription yet, does that expect the contact lenses I'm wearing right now isn't exactly the prescription my eyes need, maybe a short time ago similar? I'm asking this question because I have blurr vision when I try to read page with these contacts on.
The trials the doctor gave you are your contact lens prescription. He gives you trials to try them out. He wants you to report back because he needs to make sure they fit on your eye appropriately and in that are no problems. If you just put your contacts in, it might take a few days to adjust to your contact lens prescription. The contact lens prescription is different than your goggles. If you have a slight under
-0.75 astigmatism, he might not have corrected it. That could be a exact of blurriness. It's hard to say without seeing your prescription. If you are still seeing blurry after 4 days, I'd be sure and bring that up to the doctor when you see him for the follow up appointment. Source(s): Optician Student

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