"eyelike" color contacts?

I have noticed that freshlook's color contacts have a huge pupil hole and that make it look incredibly fake, not to mention it's design of color when you get close, so you look like a unconscious fish, but has anyone ever used the color contacts called, "eyelike"? The site is provided below, but it says that it match to the cornea change, what does that mean? Are the pupil holes in this one smaller?
Matches the cornea redeploy, doesn't make any sense. I have no clue what they are trying to say beside that phrase.

The clear pupil center of the lenses is probably the same as all other color lenses, a 5 mm diameter, because that is the usual size of our pupils when they dilate within low light.

If the clear center is too small you would be looking through a " tunnel" effect and it would severely restrict your vision. The center has to be cavernous enough so as not to block off part of your pupils when they are dilated. Source(s): Optician
I instinctively have never used the "eyelike" contacts, but their contacts look a little too-good-to-be-true. I HATE Freshlook contacts because they do look so fake, and they surface so scratchy on you eye. I am not a fan of Acuvue either, because a lot of theirs look similar to "alien" eyes as well.
About a year ago I started using Focus Soft Colors and omg, I loooove them. I wear contacts everyday, and I wear the Soft Colors Aqua and I never can feel them and it really is a beautiful color. Stop into your Eye Doc and try a few sample on and see how you like them.

Good luck :)

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