I'm diagnosed next to astigmatism. ?

Will not wearing my glasses all the time worsen the condition? Does astigmatism stay stable or gets worse over time? Thanks!
I hold astigmatism as well and it does progress slowly over time. If you do not wear your eyeglasses it will not make the astigmatism better or worse. Eyeglasses only evolution your vision while being worn.

I was prescribed eyeglasses when I be in my teens for astigmatism in my left eye and did not start wearing them somewhat regularly until I be in my 30s. My right eye has normal nightmare. My Dad also has moderate astigmatism that progressed over time as well. I am a little worse than he be at my age, but I only have it one eye. He has it contained by both. Astigmatism is that the cornea is more football shaped. You can have blurry vision and I don't think it worsens over time, I believe it is congenital.
wear your specs!! and yes it does get worse over time ..im constantly getting stronger glasses

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