ok so recently my vision has become a moment or two blurred when i try and look at the whiteboard from the back of the room,

however i have an eye test booked this week and im really terrified that it wont be bad enough to have goggles but yet not good enough to travel with out them,

so what can I do in the eye test to ensure i acquire glasses to help me?

(please dont just put " if you obligation them then u will get them ETC" because my cousin is now blind surrounded by one eye and she complained from blurred vision and they gave her an eye test and she didnt seize glasses, but when she went back 2months after that she was blind in one eye " x

thanku x
If they say you dont want glasses but you want them [Is this what you're saying?] tell them that thats what you prefer. You're the one paying and you're the tolerant. Tell them about your cousin and that you dont want to be in a similar situation. They should understand your apology for concern then.

take care. :) okay not wearing glasses isnt going to blind u lol
There's really nothing you can do to ensure you get eyeglasses. I'm sorry, but it's true. Doctors are able to tell if you need them or not. As stated surrounded by the above answer, I would tell them what's been going on and about your cousin. By doing the a mixture of eye tests, they'll be able to tell what you have need of. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. If you are very concerned, go see an Ophthalmologist. They'll know how to take a better look at the health of your eye. Source(s): Optician
If your vision is blurry, get sure that you leave with a prescription. The doctors job is to form sure that you have the best vision possible. Do not lie to the doc something like what you see, this could make you have a stronger prescription than you need which will also hurt your eye verbs. Just tell the doctor what you see and what concerns you have, If you feel similar to he is not listening to you, get another opinion. It is your employment to make sure that you get the service you need. Source(s): Experience. My retina contained by one of my eyes never fully developed...therefore I am legally blind...This happened because I be afraid to speak up to the doctor when I was younger.

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