"never put your contacts within your mouth" is this a serious rule?

"Never use plain water directly on your contact lenses, and never put your contact lenses in your mouth to "rinse" them. Microorganisms can live in even distilled dampen, causing infection or sight"

Who would be that stupid?
Putting "contacts in your mouth" more applied to rigid lenses, and yes, I had lots of those say they did it to wet or clean their contacts.

Saliva is a obedient wetting agent. It's the stupendous bacteria count of the mouth which ruins this as a good belief.

Using just water on soft lenses is wrong because it of the lack of sterility, but also because the scarcity of osmolarity will cause the lenses to swell, and the swollen low-salt lenses placed on the eye will induce corneal oedema, as the salty cornea attracts water.

More broadly, in that is little limit to the bad practice *some* contact wearers will indulge in to rescue money or time, or from a complete failure to think or plan ahead.
Borrowed contacts, unfitted contacts, inappropriate cleaning or preservative solutions, excessive wearing times, continued wearing of worn out lenses...

Some people, often not stupid at all contained by other areas, could not be made to see the risks they were running.
The weakest of excuses often sufficed to cover their choices.

The lack of thought did generate me wonder if contact lenses had an unsuspected side effect: reducing the wearer's IQ by at least 10%.
Contact lens wearers did *on average* appear to have both a lesser amount of thoughts and odder ones than the rest of the population.
While being *on average* less willing to pilfer advice from an expert.

Optometrist, retired. You would be surprised how many people would be this stupid. It's slightly frightening. Once, I saw a patient of mine drop her contact on the tile floor (where people are stepping daily) pick it up, SPIT ON IT, and put it back contained by her EYE! My coworker and I both just looked at each other in shock, next instructed her to take it out, clean in the right road, and try again. Another tried to use hand sanitzer to clean his lenses. Needless to say, he have a corneal burn. People are crazy! Source(s): I'm an optician.
They walk among us!
I heard from a colleague about a woman who have run out of contact lens solution and soaked her lenses in Dettol ! He put her in his car and drove her to casualty!
A man told him the protein removing tablets didn't work.. and he'd be taking them for weeks.
The peanuts I bought recently had a notice.. "alarm, contains nuts" Yes please. Very important! Source(s): Ophthalmologist.

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