10 pts best answer ! have to do next to my eyess?

okay so yesterday,i woke up and my eye felt like it was swollen. it hurts when i blink but i didnt really do anything to injure my eye. why is it hurting and how can i fix it?
It does nouns like a sty. Get into your local optometrist, most take vision and medical insurances, it should only just be a copay to be seen and most do same day. You will most likely be written a prescription or eyedrop that will lend a hand with pain, etc. Source(s): I'm an optician.
First thig is do you wear makeup? Maybe you rubbed your eyes too hard when removing your makeup that could be a possibility, try using a heat up compress to reduce the swelling and if it continues to hurt see an optometrist. I agree with the 1st answerer, it sounds like a sty. Go to your optometrist and own it checked out, and they will most likely write you a perscription for some eye drops.

Hope this helps!
~dcallstar51 maybe a sty or you could enjoy a cold in your eye
it is a sty

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