>>>>My eye lid twiches?<<<<?

for a few weeks now my eye lid twiches for a few seconds. i dont know if its a muscle spasm in my eye or an nouns pocket is stuck inthere. has anyone experiance this before?
In the non-attendance of other symptoms, it's basically stress and fatigue.
Chill out, sleep more and cultivate a more relaxed lifestyle...
(Yes, like the world allows that, much!)

In some people within is an association with marginally reduced potassium levels. Try drinking *fresh* tomato juice or, if i.e. unpalatable, eating bananas. its a normal thing. eyes twitch. mine do. i believe its funny.
This is impeccably normal. It's called eyelid fasciculations. Most people experience the twitches when they're stressed. There's nought pathological about the twitches. The only real treatment is have an injection like Botox to temporarily paralyze the nerves responsible for the twitches. Botox only lasts for a couple of months. Source(s): 4 years as an ophthalmic medical assistant / optician / contact lens technician
Usually this happens when a personage is stressed, does not have enough sleep, drinks a lot of caffeine, and might own some busy stuff going on. It usually will get worse if your situation gets stressed. Even good stress is stress! Like a time off or a party! So, Sleep your full 8hours. eat your 5-7 fruits and veggies. Take a multi vitamin, Walk around the block a couple times on your break to vent stress hormone. Drink your 8 glasses of marine a day! Drink less caffeine! Take some time to relax. Warm compresses are a good piece to take some time to do....it helps you to have some relaxation time too! Really. Source(s): I am an optician and a fellow eye twitcher! O^O

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