"Blink" eye drops, or a moment ago regular contact solution?

I wear contacts and sometimes when i smoke my eyes get bloodshot. So to get rid of the redness, does "Blink" work? Or possibly even my regular contact solution?
"Blink" is simply saline solution with a tiny, almost useless amount of lubricant. Frankly, you will get about equal results, at much less cost, by using plain, inexpensive saline solution.

Some contact lens solutions contain a preservative that may irritate your eye. Unless the package specifically says it is sheltered to use as a dry eye reliever or lubricant, I would simply use saline instead.

Avoid any eyedrop that has a vasoconstrictor ingrediant in it, like "Visine". These simply squeeze shut the small vein in your eye that give it that red appearance. They may discolor your contacts and even aggravate the irritation. dont smoke Source(s): more than one problem solved
don't smok

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