Do I have need of stronger or weaker goggles?

Im have been playing a game on the computer. Lately i enjoy been getting headaches from playing it. Someone suggested using reading glasses, I tried my reading eyeglasses but its making things seem further away then closer. Do i need weaker reading eyeglasses or stronger ones?
I was also told I need more light, would that also relief too.?

What you might need for the computer are glasses for "midrange." You're not as close to the screen as you would be to printed reading stuff. You might find over-the-counter reading glasses that would work, but I think you'd have to do some trial and error near them to see which strength works best.
Why not check with an optometrist for the best solution?
You don't need more light.
I hear that adjectives the time.

If you are reading a book in very low light, yes you do strain to see it and to focus.

A computer monitor is back-lit.
It is providing the table lamp source.
You can use a computer with out any other lights on.

Straining to see your monitor when sun is coming in the window is as discouraging as low light straining.
It is hard on your muscles and can give you a headache.

Corrective lenses are the sovereignty of optometrists.

I cannot advise you.

I can read house numbers a block away.
My arm got too short two years ago.
I am the poorest man in the world.
I get glasses from a dollar store for one dollar.
Chinese reading glasses.
1.50 was moral.
Then all last year I used 2.0.
Then I got headache and it was harder to focus.
I got 2.25 glasses a couple days ago and to be exact better.
No headache. Do your glasses have an antireflective coating? Computer glare cause eyestrain and blurriness, and a good ar coating and possibly a yellow tint could make a big difference. Your prescription may also involve adjusting, reading only glasses don't necessarily work for the computer, computer scale prescriptions are calculated differently than reading or distance corrections. Source(s): Optician
Okay, you might just be in front of the computer to long, and you might need some weaker and strong eyeglasses at the same time go get your eyes tested lead to each eye might be diff. well... not to be mean or anything, but deeply of the time when you're playing video games for a long period of time it'll give you some serious eye strain I know this, because I'm a hardcore gamer myself and maybe you a short time ago need to back away from the game for awhile and you'll your headache will move about away.

about your light problem a lot of the time if your playing games contained by the dark it'll also bring eye strain also sometimes more then with greatly of light at least with my experience next to playing video games that is.
It might not have to do with your eyeglasses at all. It could be from sitting on the computer for a certain period of time. Try playing the spectator sport and taking breaks in between to see if it improves. If it doesn't, you should either stop playing the winter sport or see your doctor to see if they're related. It's most likely the game though. It could be many things. I used to gain headaches from playing a game too long. I'd quit playing and then come subsidise. Or try not playing the game for so long. It could also be the lighting. I don't think you need eyeglasses.