1 pupil big other small----Whats wrong? ?

I play the comp alot apparently >.> but one pupil is bigger than other an feels wierd sometimes xD whats wrong?
Mismatched pupil sizes can indicate a lot of problems. Consult a doctor.

Take some of your photographs along which show your eyes clearly (taken at different times like - couple of days subsidise, a few months back, a few years back etc.). There are various things that can rationale a dilated pupil (mydriasis) and also a pupil to appear small (miosis). For example Holmes- Adies syndrome where usually an infection causes damage resulting contained by the pupil contracting more slowly. You need to go to your doctors and have it investigated. Good luck Source(s): med conservatory
Get that checked by a doctor asap. Pupils can be the eye to the brain. Mismatched pupils can indicate a concussion or stroke.

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