Measuring for specs?

What's the easiest way to measure for a glasses size?
I want to proclaim prescription eyeglasses online. Also can I just ask my optometrist for my lens prescription info?
Yes, you can ask for your prescription. You also need what is called the PD breadth on it , which is the pupillary distance.

As far as frame sizes is always a gamble to choose a frame minus having tried it on first. There is no easy way to do it for the layman.

Look for numbers on your present goggles, or a friends glasses that fit you...numbers like 50-18...or 48-19....that is the size. after choose a frame with close numbers.

Also, stick with metal frames, because with a plastic frame, if the bridge doesn't fit right, it can't be fixed, but near a metal frame the nose pads can be adjusted.

You hold a 50/50 chance of getting something that will fit right...but the prices are good...not the quality, but the prices. Source(s): Optician
My mom ordered specs from Coastal Contacts and she was happy with them. She of late asked her eye doctor for a copy of her prescription and they gave it to her.

If you want help on reading the prescription, and all of the goggles measurements, you can look on thier Facebook page, they have a bunch of videos to help: spectacle frame is the one you can select --prescription given by optometrists is essential for your spectacle to be foolproof --on line booking by appearance is not of good chances--- for perfection for vision

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