I see spots next to my eyes!!?

This may sound crazy, but for the past year, I have be seeing these little almost like dust particles floating around, and they move whenever my eyes move. Sometimes there are lately a couple and other days there is 5-6 of them. Any suggestions, or is this something to worry about or what??
They nouns like what we call floaters. basically, these are bits of protein that float contained by the jelly part of the eye called the vitreous. they cast a shodow on the subsidise lining of the eye and hence you see them when your eyes move.

they are absolutely fine and normal. nil to worry about

the only time you should be concerned is if in attendance is a sudden increase in the number of floaters, if you start seeing flashing lights or if you notice a contant shadow in any portion of your vision. these are signs of a retinal detatchment.

if that ever happens then you inevitability urgent medical attention and should go to eye casualty at the hospital immediately as it can cause you to lastingly lose your sight.

but dont worry, retinal detatchments are very special. Source(s): Optician
you have not said if it is fixed one on your visual field and move contained by your visual field ---this could in your trans parent medium by this I mean that there is some turbidity if it is immobile --it is a some nerve problem---- see your eye specialist It could be what they send for 'floaters' in the aqueous humor of the eye ball (the liquid part) and I don't know your age, but at any age this wants to be checked out by an eye doctor.
sometimes u can see spots by looking at light too long, but that usually goes away within close to 3 minutes. i would recommend seeing an eye doctor. hope this helps. i had this sort of thing for a while... but i be takin a different tablet thing and thts wat was causin it x hehe x ask ur doctor x