(Beginner) Contact lens and Solution?

I bought Contacts today, and it goes for 2-3 months. When I opened the box, they came within this plastic thing with foil you have to crust off, and the contacts are floating in solution. (It's Freshlook Colorblends to be exact)

Do I have to buy different (in a bottle) solution and a case for them?

I haven't peeled off the foil, do I count the days I don't use them and subtract them from 3 months? Or a short time ago the days I use them equaling to 3 months?
You should buy a case for your contacts. Do you know how they look like? it's basically a skin with 2 holes and you can twist the caps so they overt. And yes you should also buy a new solution, that's the stuff you're going to use to clean your contacts and also the stuff you're going to put in your armour for your contacts.

You count the days that you actually use the contacts.

So basically if I were to use the contacts right out of the contacts box point, I would peel off the foil part, put it surrounded by my hand and use the Solution ( I use Renu) and spray it on the lens and with my index finger I would slowly clean it after put it in my eye. At the end of the day you clutch them off and put it in the case and later pour a little bit of the solution in the case to rest overnight. Well it really depends on what your doctor recommend you do. So I'd speak with him to get actualy advice...but yes you do involve to buy a new bottle of solution, I use saline solution, and also get a case to hang on to them in overnight.

as for the days...you count only the days you use them to add up to 3 months...

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