Where to capture NHS optical voucher for contact lenses?

I receive tax credit and have nhs exeption certificate.
I obligation to buy Toric contact lenses (soft monthly) which cost about lb105 for year plus about lb20 for soltions.
Where can I get the optical voucher from and how much give a hand would I get?
Do I have to apply for it or the retailer (boots e.g.) will do the whole point themself?

When you go to get your contact lenses close to from specsavers or whatever, you have to show proof of your tax credits resembling a form and they give you the discount there and then. If you're still not sure perchance pop in and ask or ring their helpline ?
You are only entitled to a free NHS sight test if you are due for one, and solely entitled to a voucher, following a sight test, if your prescription has changed significantly, or your specs need replacing because of fair wear and tear.
Usually the voucher is for lb36.20, more if you own a stronger prescription.
The optical practice where you are tested will arrange the voucher for you Source(s): Dispensing optician
First you will need an eye test (which will be free as you are on tax credit). They will know how to issue you a voucher after your sight test. The value of this voucher will depend on the size of your prescription. The difficult your prescription is the more your voucher will be worth Source(s): Optician
You'll only get the voucher cost which is lb36.20, so its not greatly. You will be issued with a voucher after an eye test.

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