Lazy eye and contact lenses?

i have a lazy eye, i wear glasses, want contact for summer, my eye Doctor say it will make my lazy eye noticeable, what exactly is a lethargic eye, and how noticeable is it, has anyone here had a indolent eye and wore contacts
Im blind one eye which makes my eye idle i tried wearing contacts and since the left eye had poorer vision and the right one be now stronger the left went more to the side becoming more noticable. a good-for-nothing eye is when your eye goes off to a side because of lack of perception
A lazy eye is an eye that doesn't look straight ahead. It can look up, to the sides, or down. This is because of poor eye muscles, not sight. The only way to correct this is with surgery, which pulls the eye muscles and in consequence makes the lazy eye not lazy. But it will drift final to it's original state over some time so it's common to have to seize two or even three surgeries over a lifetime.

I have a lazy eye and wear contacts. No problems except having to put within and take out the contact on that eye because it moves. I've had surgery for it when I was a babe, and was thinking of getting a second one but I'm scared.
A lazy eye drifts towards one way. Not saying its similar to a googly eye on cookie monster or something. Its like this.. when you are talking to some one, your lazy eye may constantly be looking up instead of at them. Thats within more severe cases though. But I have seen it.

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