"Are your eyes sensitive to street light?" asked the doctor?

today I went to get eye exam and the doctor asked are your eyes sensitive to light, I said no but presently I think again the answer should be YES

will this affect anything at all? should I go speak about the doctor?

I know I'm some kind of stupid perfectionist but I can't help it.........
any good eye dr will ask that query during a routine eye exam. it can help them tell certain things just about your overall eye health. if you didn't realize before that your eyes were sensitive to restrained,then chances are that you aren't over sensitive and there is nought to worry about! oh,and you should be wearing uv protection for your eyes when you are in the sun anyways! Source(s): retired optician
If your eyes are sensitive to wishy-washy - there is the possibility to put a light color into your glasses.

To be sure you could send for the doc and tell him that you are sensitive. Then you can talk about it next to the doc. Nobody else can tell you why he asked this.

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