If Clear Care cleans cleans contacts next to Hydrogen Peroxide, can over-the-counter H2O2 do they same brief?

From what I know, it's the H2O2 in Clear Care that disinfects and cleans off the proteins that are on contacts. So I was wondering if there's a cheaper solution such as buying over-the-counter H2O2 that's usually used for disinfecting and using it instead of the expensive solution that Clear Care has?
NO! It will never be neutralized in the baggage with the disc, will hurt your eyes like the dickens and your contacts will never be the same! DON"T DO IT! Source(s): I am an optician and a clear keeping user! O^O
There is more to Clear Care than just the peroxide. It has the proper amount of salts within it so it does not become plain water after it is neutralized. The older AOSept peroxide system requires a day after day cleaner to remove protein (Miraflow) so it is not the peroxide alone that removes protein and lipid deposits. Clear Care has a surficant to do that call Pluronic 17R4. The drugstore peroxide is not as pure as Clear Care and is not packaged surrounded by clean room conditions. It may have traces of other industrial chemicals in it. I just now found the 24oz (two 12oz bottles) package for less than $11 at Target stores that should last 4-5 months. That's pretty cheap. Save your money someplace else.
Over the counter hydrogen peroxide is a lower category than in clear care. Stick to the clear care (its the best solution within my opinion). Source(s): Certified Optician

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