(optician required )wire eyeglass frames? caterpillar safekeeping frame: ct 4002-005 58-17/150 inspecs?

looking to buy wire frame eye wear must be caterpillar frame size ct 4002-005 / 58-17/150 (inspecs) these were discontinued a few months ago there have to be a place to buy them somewhere ive tried everywhere .I do know the company sold off the remaining frames to the highest bidder all i have need of to know is who?and where thanks for reading.
The only point I can possibly think of is to call an eye doctor office contained by your area that carries that line of the discontinued frame. Nine times out of ten if you can draw from your office to call the rep of the vendor for that company, they can check their stockroom or indication briefcases for one. We've done this many times for frames that broke that are discontinued.

Good luck! Source(s): I'm an optician. : )

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