Lasering the eyes, does it still contain risk?

my partner wants to have his eyes fixed with laser operation. Is that a apposite idea?
Yes, because it permanently weakens the corneas. They never fully alleviate and could rupture at some point in the future.
The procedure is really honest and has a high success rate, but at hand can be side effects such as halos around lights and diminished night vision. Some family have to put drops in their eyes for the rest of their life.

No concern how good they get at doing it, they're still cutting your eye sympathetic and performing surgery on it with a laser. There's going to be risks.
Yes it does still contain risk. They have made massive advancements on eye surgery surrounded by the past 5 years, instead of cutting your eye open near a blade they now use high-precision lasers, they are much safer. However, this does not eliminate the risk. My neighbors wife had lasic surgery a few months ago by one of the ultimate rated lasic surgeons in the dallas/ft.worth area, and after the surgery her eyes are worse than back, they burned a part of her retina and a few other things (i am not entirely sure what all they screwed up) she has discouraging eye pain and has worse vision than b4 the surgery.

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