What does it connote when I gain double mirage while wearing my contacts for a while?

Sometimes towards the end of the day I'll have my contacts surrounded by and I'll start seeing double. Why?
Double vision always means impediment. This weakness often comes from the strain and tension of blurry hallucination habits all day. Occasionaly the poor standard comes from a head infection or a trauma of some sort. Strain and tension can always be remedied next to correct vision habits reduced prescriptions and self healing happenings. Source(s): I have been researching Natural Eyesight Improvement for 18 years and have be teaching courses for 5 years. I have many students who are on an upward curve their eyesight and several who have obtained perfect trance and are no longer dependant upon artificial corrections. http://www.utahsnaturaleyes.com
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Maybe your eyes are just tired. Are you doing a lot of close, detailed work? Do you sit in front of a computer adjectives day?

Try wearing your glasses all morning. If you don't have double vision after wearing your glasses, I do recommend you see an eye doctor. You may want vision therapy (I'm going through it now) to correct how your eyes work together.

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