Laser eye surgery from optical express?

any one had laser eye surgery from optical was their experience.please let me know.i enjoy my surgery booked on 7 march with optical express.i am just unsure why optical express is much cheaper than ultrallase beside the same procedure and both of them provide life time guarantee.
Hiya, well i havent intuitively had it done yet but my dad and my sister have both have it done with optical express, my sister had the lasek procedure and was beyond doubt fine the following day although my dad had the lasik procedure where extra layer were burned away, he has had a moment or two bother just with the pain side of it but both own said its the best thing they have ever done, and would go through it again within a heartbeat if they had to, i hope this helps, i knoow it wasnt too informative but was a moment ago to let u know everything will be fine and chances are u will never regret it

Good luck huni

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