Laser Vision. Why are you not permitted to own it done if you are within the services? (UK)?

I wear glasses and/or contacts and like the idea of getting my eyes zapped but enjoy found out that if I was a serving member of the armed forces here in the UK I would be discharged! Any perception why if it is supposed to be so safe? Also found out that the US allow their service personnel to get theirs done!
Simple answer; because if it doesn't progress well it can cause fogging, and can cause difficulties beside night vision
The above answer is right

I know someone surrounded by the army who had it done a few months ago, and is still in the army... not currently on active service though.
I think you may own it slightly wrong they are not discharged just downgraded for 12 months.
If you have already had the surgery since joining up I think it is just a matter of reunion the criteria as set out in this document.

Armed Forces

Although the US Military actively encourages its troops and other service personnel to have LASIK laser eye treatment for short verbs, long sight and astigmatism, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has yet to adopt alike approach.

The MoD is currently reviewing its policy on laser eye surgery.

Laser eye surgery is not approved for personnel in certain specialist employment groups such as aviation, diving, airborne forces or marines. For all personnel, any serving or potential recruits, the maximum pre-correction refractive error that is allowable to be corrected is +/- 6 dioptres. Personnel who are currently serving, and choose to undergo laser eye surgery, are obliged to disclose it to their medical officer and, on their return to work, they are temporarily medically downgraded for a time of year of 12 months. Before being declared medically fit, they are seen by a Service consultant ophthalmologist who confirms that the individual is suffering from no significant visual side effects lesser to the surgery, and that the eye is stable.

When contemplating this procedure, personnel are advised that failure to meet eyesight standards following the operation may result within permanent medical downgrading.

Any potential recruit who has disclosed that they hold had laser eye surgery must be referred for a comprehensive ophthalmic examination by a Service approved consultant ophthalmic surgeon who will make a opinion on suitability for entry. This must include specialist visual function testing.

They must also show documentary evidence that:

The pre-correction error was no more than +/- 6 dioptres
The best spectacle corrected optical acuity is 6/6 or better in the right eye, and 6/12 or better in the left eye
At lowest possible 12 months have elapsed since they had the treatment
There has be no significant visual side effects secondary to the surgery affecting daily deeds and refraction is stable, as defined by two refractions performed on each eye at least six months apart, near no more than a 0.50 dioptre difference in the spherical equivalent in each eye.

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