im thirteen. when i was younger, i fell down a staircase, and kinda messed up the allignment of my eyes, leaving myself a bit cross eyed. my parents had surely no money to get it checked, or fixed. my family moved, and my parents got job, and payed for me to get eye surgery. ive had two eye surgeries around second, and third grade. the surgeries made my eyes look smaller number cross eyed, and more lazy eye. when i look in the mirror, if i close one of my eyes, my eye is perfectly regular, and its in the middle of my eyeball, and its looking at what im meaning for it to look at. then when i interested both of them, one of them drifts off a little bit. i get fundamentally emotional over it. usually, people dont notice, but just this minute people have asked me if i have a lethargic eye, and it really bothers me. i dont know what to do. ive searched up and down the internet to find out some way to allign my eyes, but i havent found nothing. i read that you can convey if you have lazy eye if you make a circle near your hands, and then focus an object contained by the middle of the circle with one of your eyes closed, and if when you do it with the other eye the object isnt within the middle, that you do have lazy eye. but i dont know. ive talked to my parents, but they could really dispense less of a ****.

:( :( :( :( :(

please help.
First, I'm probably many years elder than your are. I was born with the lazy eye condition. When I be young, 7 or 8 I even wore a patch over my good eye with the hope of strengthening my doomed to failure eye. It didn't work but I can tell you this. I never let it bother me and I suggest you do the same. If it is brought up make clear to them what happened and leave it at that. There are many, several, many worse things than having an eye that turns to the left.
I own a lazy eye cuz I have something missing in the final of my eye. There are no surgeries available for my eye disease My eyes ALWAYS drift, ppl point it out and I just say Yes I have a apathetic eye.....your point? It usually sets ppl to a defensive stage, but don't let ppl get to you at smallest you are not made fun of....like i did in elementary school...I do wear eyeglasses but my eyes are bad and still drift, just get eyeglasses or contact lenses. Don't listen to what people say, don't feel so self conscious at most minuscule you are not blind be thankful for that. honestly. Source(s): ME

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