I would like to order Accuve Freshlook Radiance contacts in Moonlight. And I abhor my eye doctor, so I figured that I would order them through 1-8OO-CONTACTS, now, I usually wear Bausch&Lomb Purevision. With BC 8.6, PWR -1.50, and DIA 14.00.

But, for Accuve Freshlook Radiance the DIA is 14.50, Does my prescription shift when the DIA changes, Do I have to go to my eye doctor and discuss this next to them? Or can I just plug in my -1.50 PWR, the BC is still 8.6 and go next to the DIA at 14.50?
legally, you have to have a clean Rx from your doctor. You can not just randomly check any box you want to and get contacts on your own. 1-800 contacts checks next to our office quite a bit to make sure patients are legit. Source(s): I am an optician. O^O
Unfortunately for you, they will verify this RX near your doctor before filling your order. And unless your doctor's organization is completely incompetent, and does not return the info, you will not get the brand of contacts you desire. Your best bet is to call your doctor's office and ask over the phone if they could make available you a supplemental RX in the colored contacts - the just might do it for you!

By the way, Freshlook light is by Ciba, not Acuvue. Acuvue also has colors, but it's a separate manufacturer. Be sure to specify WHICH one it is you're wanting when you call your eye doctor. : )

Good luck! Source(s): I'm an optician.

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