What should I expect during an eye doctor appointment? (I know I have need of glasses)?

I'm going to the eye doctor soon, and I know I need glasses. What exactly are they going to do, and how are they going to check my eyes? I heard they enjoy to put something in your eyes that makes your vision adjectives blurry for a few hours. Can someone explain what I should expect when I go?
I just had an exam end week and it was pretty basic. I did not have my eyes dilated (process that make vision blurry for several hours). Here is a summary of what happened during my exam.

1) The technician used an autorefractor to get a broad idea about where my prescription be. All you do for this part is sit in front of a machine and look through it. See knit below.


2) The next part I went into to see the eye doctor. He asked me to sit down on the exam stool. There was an eye-chart on the wall and the doctor asked me to read the lowest line on the eye-chart that I could clearly read with respectively eye. I was able to read the lowest line on the chart 20/20 stripe with my right eye, however my left eye was one and only able to read the highest line on the chart 20/50 and I could narrowly read it.

3) The doctor then placed phoropter in front of my eyes and tried various lenses and asked me which one I could see best out of. He testes my right eye first and consequently my left next. My right eye does not require any correction, but my left does.

Here is a relationship to what the phoropter is


This was an exam for contact lenses so the doctor ordered Acuvue lenses for me to try out and trial lenses should arrive in the next few days.

My eyeglasses exam be about the same, but I was given a copy of my prescription at the termination and was asked if I wanted to pick out and order eyeglasses. I usually decree eyeglasses online and contacts from the doctor.

Eye exams are pretty easy Good Luck!

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