Quick give somebody the third degree in the order of putting on contacts?

well im getting contacts and ive been practicing ALOT on how to put it on and i seem to never know how to stick my finger in my eye while looks straight, but when i look up i can put my whole index finger in my eye lol.. so is it possible to look staight while putting on colored contacts, and if it is... how do i do that?
concentrate on a dot and don't move your sight and stick your contact in hope it helps
If you're starting off beside your right eye:

1.reach over to your right eye with your fingers on your left appendage facing down
2. fingers down and left palm facing your eye, pull up your right eyelid with three fingers.
3. place the contact on your right pointing finger
4. while you're holding your eyelid up next to your left hand, use your middle and ring fingers to pull the bottom fragment of your eye downward.
(so it sorta looks like your eye is huge/bulging out)
5. place the contact in your eye, match up the color chunk with the color part of your eye
6. close your eye slowly, then rub it humanely in little circles to get rid of the bubbles underneath the contact's surface

It took me about 2-3 days of practice to draw from this..it'll get easier with time.

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