Lazy eye and contact quiz?!?

ok so i have lazy eyes and if i take sour my glasses i cant control them they just go where on earth ever they want and it looks gross so i were my glasses so their in focus if i wear contacts will they be in motion off in any direction or will they stay in place cuz the contacts will bring in them focused like glasses? im very self conscious almost my eyes so i try not to look at people in the face cuz i reason they'll just stare at my eye wandering away it so weird! im thinking of getting surgery to correct my lazy eye and my verbs in the future though im going to needa be rich though lol
I suggest you visit your Ophthalmologist. Your insurance company should cover a honourable amount of the eye muscle surgery, if you doctor suggests that it is an appropriate treatment for you. You don't need to be embarrassed, and you don't need to be rich to own the surgery. If it bothers you a lot, try to talk to your parents about it. At smallest your glasses help for now! But solitary an Ophthalmologist that knows your specific case would be able to transmit you if the contacts would work just as your glasses do. I hope this helps you!
it depends on what type of "lethargic eye" you have.

if you have accommodative esotropia and your glasses are lately "plus" lenses for farsightedness that "straighten" your eyes, then YES wearing contacts will work just as well for making you look conventional as glasses do

if you have true heterotropia strabismus with prism surrounded by your glasses, then NO, wearing contacts might not help your eyes appear to be conventional Source(s): optometrist

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