**Question more or less my eye**?

About a month ago both my eyes started getting red and itchy. I went to the eye doctor and he prescribed me some kind of eye drops to get rid of the flush. Well, today I put my contacts in (new prescription) and shortly after my left became really really red and started burning. I be driving and didn't have my glasses so I couldn't take them out. When I get home, I took them out and checked my eye, it wasn't that red. I took a nap and when I woke up my eye is stinging (kind of like it's dry) and it's extremely red, the worst I've seen. What could this be and how could I find it to go away? It's not affecting my right eye.
go back to the eye doc.

LOOOOTS of possibilities: GPC, allergy, rection to solution, fruitless contact lens fit, virus, bacteria, etc etc etc Source(s): optometrist
Certainly go back to your eye doctor. There are sooooo plentiful possibilities of what could be wrong from mild to serious. Don't take any changes with your eyes. Source(s): http://www.eyecarefashion.com

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