I'm 26 and slightly nearsighted. Things nearby are perfectly clear, but beyond... Does wearing prescription glasses further degrade vision? Should I avoid wearing glasses if I can?

I'm 26 and slightly nearsighted. Things nearby are perfectly clear, but beyond 7 or 8 feet everything has a slight blur (which is not really noticeable until I try to read things, like a street sign, a menu or subtitles on a TV). I saw a optometrist recently and he told me my vision is not so bad that I MUST have glasses but he said it was an option if I felt I needed them. I feel like I could use glasses at this point, for the odd thing like watching a movie, but I'm reluctant as I've been told by a few people that wearing glasses will further degrade my eyes and that I should wait until I really can't get by without them.

Is this really true, does wearing prescription glasses (whether permanently or on-and-off) cause your eyes to further degrade? One person told me that they had minor vision issues much like my own but then when they started wearing glasses they found their vision quickly degrading, requiring stronger glasses by the end of the first year and even stronger glasses the year after that, bringing them to a point where they needed to wear glasses all the time. They feel that if they didn't get prescription glasses their vision would not have degraded so rapidly.

Is this really possible? Might this happen to me? Does vision actually degrade as it adjusts to glasses? Should a person who gets glasses for the first time expect to require a stronger prescription within the first year or two because their eyes are reacting to the glasses, is that the reality?

I feel having glasses would be nice for a few things, I'd be able to see clearer, but I can definitely get by without them. Does that mean then that I should not get them? Are glasses something you should avoid if you can or is there really no negative effect from wearing glasses of the correct prescription?
Answers:   I have glasses because my right eye is shortsighted (-1.75) but my left eye has normal vision.
I have been using glasses regularly for distance activities since 2007 and my vision has not gotten better (or worse)....in fact my first pair of glasses over-corrected my right eye (it was -2.00) and I had trouble focusing with them...a few weeks ago, I got a slightly weaker (-1.75) pair and I can see better with them on.
(but I never use them for near work such as reading or using the computer).

If you are shortsighted, I wouldn't recommend using distance glasses for close-up activities like reading- this can cause eyestrain (and headaches in my case) because your eyes are forced to accommodate even more- if you do this often, your vision might start to deteriorate and you'll end up with stronger glasses as the years go by.

I think its up to you whether you get glasses or not- your vision is fairly good and the glasses shouldn't make your vision worse if you use them when you really need to.
Wearing glasses allows you to see clearly. Wearing your glasses, or NOT wearing your glasses, has no effect on your nearsightedness. This is because nearsightedness occurs because your eye is too long to properly focus the image, and wearing or not wearing your glasses doesn't change the shape of your eye.

Many people believe that wearing glasses makes your eyes worse. That cause/effect is backwards. What actually happens is that your eyes were going to get worse anyways, so you need stronger glasses.
No! it does not. If you don't wear your glasses you end up with eyestrain and headaches.

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