It was a big wavy black line on the side of my... Last night I had this weird thing in my eye?

It was a big wavy black line on the side of my right eye, it was wavy looking to you could have seen the waves I use the computer a lot, so I thought maybe it was from computer strain? but I had it before but it went away is this a floater can they be that big?
Answers:   Floaters can be quite big and can be all sorts of sizes, shapes and shades. I personally have a few. Due to a retinal detachment surgery, I am left with a black floater in my left eye. It appears as being jet black although luckily quite small. I have a few in my right eye due to a vitreous separation most of which are almost opaque or see through and indeed come across as looking like a wave. These are actually bigger.

The problem I have with your description is you dont/cannot describe how big it is. The fact it has gone is a good sign but I would always describe my retinal detachment symptom as a black line across the side of my right eye. Was it fixed or Did it float around? It really does sound like a normal floater to me to be honest. And yes, they can be that big!

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