A blind man from birth told my daughter he doesn't see dark... Describe what "nothing" would look like?

A blind man from birth told my daughter he doesn't see dark or light or patterns. He said he sees nothing.
Answers:   Can you massage my head?
how could a blind man know what light and dark is? I think nothing, relatively, is dark space.
Just close your eyes.
If he was blind from birth he has no concept of vision at all. So he can't actually say he sees -nothing-.

It might be possible to stimulate his optic nerve to make him see flashes of light or streaks or something. He might find that very frightening, and of course his brain couldn't interpret it anyway. There are stories of people who went blind in early childhood, whose vision is restored in their teens or 20s, and they have a very hard time learning to 'see' because their brain didn't develop to interpret vision. So they find it very frightening--light and color and movement and shapes.

But he might see dark/light and not even realize that this is vision. People talk about seeing and it just means nothing to him.

As for seeing nothing. If you look at a star, you are looking through maybe 100 miles of atmosphere and billions of miles of nothing. You don't see the nothing. 8^) You look right through it.
it is i would figure a black type color. cause he doesnt really know colors.
You already know what "nothing" looks like.

When looking straight ahead, you can see "nothing" behind you.
i guess he just sees darkness

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