2 years ago when i started driving i learnt from my instructor... How can i improve my vision?

2 years ago when i started driving i learnt from my instructor i needed an eye test because i couldn't see the number plate. I found out i was short sighted. Up until that point i never noticed a problem and it really shocked me when i first put on glasses and everything became so sharp again.

Now 2 years later they are really deteriorating. (spelling typing to fast sorry lol). I dont know how to make them better. I am in a job where i used a computer 9-5 so when i get home i try and stay away from electronics. Ive put cucumbers on my eyes, very relaxing and gets rid of black bags but it dosn't help the vision. When i lay in the sun to get a tan and my eye lids burn tigly sensation when i get up and open them the vision is perfect for a momment kinda like the sun was burning the cels so i could see or sumit.

When i put my fingers on my eye lids and put pressure i can see good again.

My questions is, is there anything i can do to help my vision., if it cant return to normal. i hate having glasses and want to be able to see without them. To make matters worse i get freaked out by eyes. dont like touching them, so no to laser eye surgery and no to contact lenses.

Anything else i can try.

I did do some herbal stuff and teas etc. no avail thought.

Many thanks
Answers:   You've ruled out contacts and laser surgery. The only other option that works is glasses.
If there was some discovery of a simple way for anybody to fix their vision themselves at home for free, that actually worked, you would be hearing about it on the news, on talk shows, etc. Wearing glasses isn't that bad, maybe pick out some new, cool frames that look nice and chill out. Also, I think you could probably get to be able to handle/wear contacts if you really put some effort into it.

Maybe the reason you can see perfect for a moment when you first get up from sunbathing is there might be a lot more tears on the surface of your eye than normal and under the right conditions, this water film can transiently act sort of like contacts (other people have obseved this same phenominon from crying, getting out of a pool, etc).
Sounds like you need to have the prescription in your glasses changed. Either that or consider Lasik eye surgery.
Just get some new glasses. Maybe a new pair might make you feel better about having them. It does for me every time.
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