Yesterday, I was frying an egg, and when I dropped the egg... Hot oil in my eye?

Yesterday, I was frying an egg, and when I dropped the egg in the pan, oil splattered all over me. I felt a few drops in my face, but I don't think I felt any go into my eye. However, I am a paranoid person when it comes to my vision, and I can't stop worrying about it. So, can anyone tell me how I can find out if any oil got in my eye?

It was yesterday, and there is currently no redness or noticeable irritation in my eye, and my vision seems to be the same. Is it possible that I now have a small blind spot in my eye that I just haven't noticed yet? Can hot oil even cause damage like that?

Also, if I did get oil in my eye, would I have felt it? Because I didn't feel any pain even right after it happened.
Answers:   no u did not get any oil in ur eyes, thanks God, other wise, even not only u, the neighbor 4 house from ur house will know some thing will happen to some one, ,understand ha ha ha ha
Don't worry you got nothing in your eye. When your brain senses something is coming for face, you blink automatically, it's not even in your control. So if something was headed for your eye, it missed because of that reflex. But anyway, if you did get hot oil in your eye you would definitely feel pain and you'd be crying in pain. You're fine, but if you want to be sure go see an optometrist, but I assure you he/she will tell you you're completely fine.
it's nothing,just use some drops
Trust me, if you would have got hot oil in your eye you would definitely know. Most likely, you did nothing to your eye.
U should just go to a docter, hes an expert and he knows all about it... Just go see a doctor!

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