I am a 19 year old female who wears glasses and contacts... Eye problems...help please i'm worried! Glaucoma?

I am a 19 year old female who wears glasses and contacts because i cannot see distant objects. The past two weeks I have experienced eye pain in only my right eye. my right eye gets very very red and i would get halos around lights. Recently, my eye sometimes is fine with vision and other times everything turns blurry in just this one eye for a while. I also experience headaches and was knocked out last week with what I thought was the stomach flu. According to many websites, i have all the symptoms of glaucoma. even though it is not in my family line nor do i have diabetes. Im so worried as I do not want to lose my vision for good. I would go to my eye doctor today but it is thanksgiving. Should I go to the er(can they even help?) or should I wait until tomorrow to see my eye doctor? I'm so worried it could be glaucoma.
Answers:   Your eye has been like that for 2 weeks on and off, so there is no rush to have to be treated today. Going to the ER with an eye problem is usually almost useless.

None of your symptoms have anything to do with glaucoma either. I can't imagine where you read that. Glaucoma doesn't cause pain , and it doesn't give on and off blurry vision, and it doesn't give you red irritated eyes either.

An exam by your eye Dr. would be in order, but meantime just relax...you don't have glaucoma.
doesn't sound like glaucoma to me.
sounds more like your contacts are bothering your eyes and perhaps you have allergies.
the headaches can easily be caused by sinus pressure.
plus its extremely rare to develop glaucoma only in one eye.

no need to go to the er.
just make an appointment with your eye dr.

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