**Sorry for the length, probably best to read the last few paragraphs** Okay... Help: Glasses vs Contacts?

**Sorry for the length, probably best to read the last few paragraphs**

Okay so i got glasses a few months ago and i hate wearing them. I don't like changing my appearance so i only put them on when i need to see the board at school and take them off when i'm done taking notes. Those are pretty much the only times i wear glasses so its a maximum of 2-3 hours per weekday. Recently my friends have gotten contact lenses and they tell me that it doesn't hurt. Im considering contact lenses since im tired of having to put my glasses on and off constantly throughout the day.

My dad doesn't care if i get them or not but my mom is a whole other story, shes afraid that i'll "die" or get an eye infection from them, even tho i'm aware of that.

I just wanted to know the pros and cons of contacts and whether they are a good choice from glasses. Also if they can give you eye wrinkles since you have to stretch your eyes to take them off and put them on. Also i want to know the difference of "hard" and "soft" contacts.
Answers:   I myself have soft contacts and totally love them. I can never feel them in my eye and i can see perfectly. Most people don't even know I wear them. There is a risk of eye infection only if you do not clean them right. but i can't imagine you would want to put in the contact if you see dirt and gunk all over it. so as long as you clean them daily you'll be fine. I do notice however after around 12-16 hours of wearing them you start to feel them abit. So if your home just on the couch I'd wear your classes. im sure after awhile they might give you wrinkles but there's as much risk of them giving you wrinkles as if you wear makeup.You are just pulling your eyelid up a little bit more. overall if you want them I'd recommend them, you could also go see the specialist for contacts and bring your mom so they can answer all your and her questions and calm her fears a little bit.

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