(sorry for the retarded headerlol) Ever since i was a small boy i... SuPeR HuMaN EyE'z WtF?

(sorry for the retarded headerlol)
Ever since i was a small boy i have been able to focus and unfocus my eyes to any dialation, even focus on open air (which im told is impossible for the human eye to do).

The easiest way to describe what it looks like is almost like squinting or taking off glasses when you need them or putting on someone elses when you don't. Or like a camera zooming in and out.

Its not a bad thing at all in fact its quite useful, i can pick out patterns and abnormality's with things when i unfocus that most people wouldn't see. and of course more than perfect site (from what my eye doctor tells me)

I'm just curios to know if im dumb and doesn't know if that everyone has this ability or if i really do have something special so honest feed back would be appreciated (i am 18 in college)
Answers:   I have the same ability. I thought it was normal? I guess we are special! :D
First of all, worse than 20/20 vision is considered to be subnormal. The best possible vision that a human eye can see is 20/6 vision. For some practical reasons, doctors do not test down to 20/6 vision, and most eye charts only start at 20/10 vision.

At 18 years old, you should have the best vision you will ever have in your life. Enjoy it. It won't last forever. Your eyes have ample focusing power, and the ability to consciously control both the dilation of the pupils and the focusing of the eyes can easily be learned.

Some people naturally have some control over this consciously, but usually this is done subconsciously. Its sorta like controlling your breathing or heart rate. You can consciously control them too, but you won't want to do that all the time.

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