ok so this is my first time getting pink eye & IT... HELP, i have pink eye?

ok so this is my first time getting pink eye & IT SUCKS.
my eye is so red it looks like a tomato, the freakin discharge made me not able to open my eye this morning, i literally had to run to the bathrooom & use water to get it to open up.
well, later, in like 2 hours when my mom comes home, i have to go to the doctor. . .
what are they gonna give me?
what will they do while im there?
how long does pink eye last?

thanks ! (:
Answers:   If you use makeup you will need to throw out any eye makeup that may be contaminated with the germs.
The doctor will probably prescribe you eye drops or eye ointment with an antibiotic (typically gentamicin or tobramycin). Use it as directed, and you should see marked improvement within a few days.

There's a possibility that it might be an allergy, in which case they will give you eye drops that contain an antihistamine. Same treatment pattern applies.

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