I recently bought a pair of colour contacts. Its the first time... Can contacts cause uneven pupil dilation?

I recently bought a pair of colour contacts. Its the first time I've ever worn any and I found that after the second time I took them out my left pupil was significantly more dilated than the right. It went back to normal after a few hours but it worries me. Should I leave off on the contacts until Ive talked to my doctor? Is this pupil dilation a huge concern?
Answers:   If these coloured contacts are not from an Ophthalmologist (eye doctor), Optometrist or similar they are illegal and could simply be poorly fitting, hence making your eyes red as they are in some way abrasive.

If they are prescription this sounds quite normal. Everyone has pupils of different sizes, both in normal lighting and extreme conditions. As this is only the second time you have worn them it is most likely a combination of the surface of the eye drying due to tear evaporation, and the fact that you are introducing/removing a foreign body from the corneal surface which is still sensitive to being touched (over time the cornea desensitises to contacts etc).

If you do have any major concerns, go visit your local eye healthcare practitioner. Don't bother with a normal medical doctor as they know little about the eye, in particular contact lenses.

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