(BTW I wear contacts...) It started for like two or three days,... Eyes just red or PINK EYE?

(BTW I wear contacts...) It started for like two or three days, then went away because I wore my glasses on the weekend. Its both my eyes, mainly my left; there is a little redness around my irises, so i thought it might be because of my contacts. After I took them out and wore my glasses it went away. And now its back. >.< It started up last night when i was putting on make-up....so maybe it affected my contacts and eyes? Again, around the irises, and some red veins are visible.
Its not overly discharging, and they are definitely NOT itchy. a little watery off-and-on....
Pretty much, does it sound like i just have irritated eyes? like from makeup/contacts? or is it minor pink eye?
I've been using the Bausch and Lomb type of eyedrops for red, irritated eyes. Kinda helped remove the redness, but only for a 3 or 4 hours. (i put two drops in each eye 3 to 4 times a day)

Thx to anyone for helping! :/
Answers:   pink eye is when your eyes get all crustie and kinda of like glued together
I have no experience whatsoever with contacts, but it sounds like you might be having an allergic reaction. I would go to your eye doctor to see what the problem might be.

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