My girlfriend has had vision problems all of her life. She has... How can I find an Opthamologist that has a sliding scale?

My girlfriend has had vision problems all of her life. She has had multiple lasik surgeries. We recently went to a vision doctor that cost about 200 per visit, just to find out what is wrong with her eyes. She constantly has migraines that originate at the eyes and lasts for days. Also, she is 80% blind in one of her eyes. So we go to this doctor and he's a real jerk. Like if you dont have money just leave kinda guy. Anyways he looks at the pictures of her eyes that the assistant took and says she has scar tissue in the eye that is 80% blind and has glaucoma in the other eye. Then he says that she needs treatment for it like Xrays and other things to further test for it. Then, he says its going to cost thousands of dollars and just leaves the room. The assistant escorts us out and we pay and leave without seeing him again. We were just shocked and really upset. He just spit all of that bad news at us in no time and left without a care in the world. Apparently in my city the health department has no vision services and i cant seem to find any opthamologists with a sliding scale so that we can afford to have her treated. Meanwhile, she continues to hurt and we feel helpless. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. How can we find an opthamologist with a sliding scale? We live in Chattanooga, TN and Rossville, GA (tennessee, Georgia line)
Answers:   Please check with your local Lions club. They offer assistance with glasses and eye exams. Here's a link to get more information. Hope this helps.

Here's a linkĄ­
Check to see if there is an eye clinic at one of your local hospitals - usually a university hospital. Depending on your financial situation, your g/f may qualify for medicaid services.

Glaucoma treatment is not a vision service, it's medical care. Glaucoma is a medical condition, not a refractive disorder. Most ophthalmologists do not have a sliding scale because they are required to bill everyone equally due to their contracts with the insurance companies and Medicare. Some providers will give a 20% discount for the uninsured or for prompt payment - some may set up a payment plan. Since she has no insurance and has an immediate medical condition, she may qualify for emergency medical coverage through your county medicaid. To save her vision and get her treatment that she needs, I suggest that you look into this immediately. Glaucoma steals vision and never gives it back.

Good luck.
I'm in New York and cannot give you specific advice, but it sounds like your friend is in a serious situation.
You cannot be too far from a University town with a Medical College, and a department of Ophthalmology. There you will find specialists in all areas of eye care and a social service with which you can discuss finances.
There is no excuse for that sort of callous treatment of your girlfriend. Luckily we have internet feedback sites today. Why not go to and leave a very negative comment there to help others avoid this experience?
As far as "sliding scale", your gf has a set of problems that not all ophthalmologists can treat. So first you must find someone highly skilled in repairing past lasik surgeries. You may have to take her out of state to a nationally known lasik specialist.
If the finances are a problem, then check to see if she might be eligible for Medicaid or perhaps she can get a job that would qualify her for group health insurance.

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