1. Just as going to gym regularly, eating well helps you remain... Do eye exercises actually help maintain eyesight and delay ?

1. Just as going to gym regularly, eating well helps you remain healthy for a longer age, do eye exercise help in delaying glasses, maintaining eyesight etc?

2. There are lot of books on Eye exercises, Bates method and lot of reviews for them on Amazon claim their vision improved from 20/60 to 20/40. Is that possible?
Answers:   Yes proper exercise specially moving eyeball round give eyes soothig effect and eyes remain healthy longer.
Books that claim to reverse or delay nearsightedness, or farsightedness, or any other refraction error of the eyes can not be fixed with exercises.

Rolling the eyes around in circles does nothing to change your vision.

It isn't the external eye muscles that control your vision , but that is all exercises do , is make those muscles move, which we are doing all day anyway.

They are just a scam that lives on because so many people keep falling for it, before finding out it was just a waste of money and time.

It's easy to write glowing reviews on your own website when you are trying to sell something.

They have never been shown to do anything beneficial , and those who claim otherwise are liars or are selling the book.

It's medically and scientifically impossible for exercises to affect the shape of the eyes.

Believe me, if they actually worked, there would be actual clinics all over the place to train people in how to do it, and millions wouldn't still be wearing glasses. BUT , the only place they are found is in books for sale on the internet.
In addition to what footprintz has told you, going to the gym will make you thinner and the books on eye exercises will make your wallet thinner. That's about it.
There is a lot of information out there that indicate that doing eye exercises really do improve your vision... as well as there is information that does not support natural vision improvement.

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One way of looking at it is... what do you have to loose? Doing the exercises wouldn't get your eyes worst.
There is NO serious science showing that any eye exercises (Bates, etc.) will ever stop the need for eyeglasses or contacts. ?The Bate's subculture continues to propogate their concepts that boil down to old wive's tales, really no proven science. ?Watch your wallet.

On the other hand there is good science behind staying fit, not being obese, exercise regularly, eating fruit and veggies to help prevent age related blindness like macular degeneration, a serious problem. ?All of these lifestyle choices help keep the eye's retina in good health.

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