When I woke up about 1 hour ago my eye was fine,... Small white speck of something on my eye ball?

When I woke up about 1 hour ago my eye was fine, but I guess something fell in it. I felt something rubbing my eye every time I blinked, and it felt like a strand of eye led hair, but it wouldn't come out. When I looked in the Mirror I saw a small white speck of something on my cornea, and tried to get it off by touching it with my finger which is not working, and then I tried putting my head under water, and opening my eyes for it to get out, but it still isn't coming out. It's kinda like glued there. I don't want to tear my cornea. How to I get this small speck of something out of my eye? I go to Navy boot camp in 3 weeks, and if something happens to my eye it will ruin my chance of ever being in the military again, and to think that one speck of dust, or something in my eye ed my life over scares me. How can I get this out?
Answers:   Do not mess with it. Go to the eye doctor and have it looked at. If it is a FB (foreign body) and it didn't come out easily, it can be embedded and need treatment to keep from getting infected. It can also be a corneal ulcer or corneal infiltrate.

Corneal ulcers and corneal infiltrates are RARELY seen in people who don't wear contact lenses. I have to assume you're a contact lens wearer. Also virtually all people who have corneal ulcers sleep in their contacts... but I hope you wouldn't be that dumb.

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