In the morning after my shower, I put my contacts in. In... My right eye bothers me when my contacts are in?

In the morning after my shower, I put my contacts in. In my right eye I have astigmatism. They feel fine, then I go outside, wait for the bus, go to school. And in about 2nd hour, around 9:00, my right eye starts to hurt really bad. It hurts all day long. I go to the bathroom and there's NOTHING in my eye... I get home, take my contact out, and wash it with solution, put it back in, and it bothers me? Any suggestions?
Answers:   dont put it in?
go to the opticians?
Does this happen with a new lens or is it just this lens? It sounds like you have a badly fitting lens - if its more than one lens then its not damage to the lens. Leaving it in when it hurts is going to mean it will stay uncomfortable. You need to go back to your fitter and get a better perscription. Not all opticians are as good at fitting lenses. I wear torics and they are very comfortable so its not a probelm with it being a toric.
You mayb need a different lens there's many lens materials and for whtever reason this one clearly isn't right for you. Stop wearing them until u can get in and see ur optician
The lens might be scratched. Try changing it. If it doesn't help you might need a different lens type, cos your eye is allergic or sth, in which case you might not be able to wear lenses. Either way, if getting a new lens doesn't help, go see a doctor. You can also try eye drops, they help me a lot, when I wear lenses for over 12 hrs.

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