today, I woke up in bed with a swollen eye. I was... Why is my eye swollen?

today, I woke up in bed with a swollen eye. I was sleeping face down. and when I got up to get my glasses I noticed my right eye was a bit swollen on the top. Is there anything I can do? I don't have an allergies or things like that. So I don't know how it happened.
Answers:   Its most likely an eye abscess. Its created by an infection in the tissue and is a collection of pus that accumulates after the neutrophils is dead. If not treated early the swelling will eventually spread from the eye to surrounding tissue and will continue until an anti biotic is active at which time it will most likely have spread to the nasal cavity creating a condition known as elephant nose.
Once the infection is controlled surgery to remove the excessive pus build up through out the face is usually done prior to facial reconstruction surgery. In most cases this will take up to 12 months to be completed. Fortunately you will be able to attend school/work and socialise and still participate in daily life without much interruption as this condition is not contagious and only occurs in very rare circumstances 1:100,000,000, so you wont miss any of your obligations and you can carry on with life as normal.
Lulu know those ileye buggie things when you wake up? well they might have gotten up in there, while you were sleeping
It could be the way you were sleeping. You may also have a sty starting.
Put a cool cloth on it and see if it helps. If it gets worse, see a doctor.
It could be a sty. U need a HOT cloth as hot as u can stand (test on ur wrist) it will hopefully burst it if. If not see ur gp as it could be a infection

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