20/30 in left and 20/50 in right i know my eyes are... If my eyes are 20/30 and 20/50 whats my SPH?

20/30 in left and 20/50 in right i know my eyes are bad dont judge
Answers:   Are you nearsighted or farsighted? Those numbers tell us how much blur you see but not the kind of lenses you need. Only an exam cwn do that.
There is no way to know what your prescription would be based on your visual acuity. The only way to find out is to have an eye exam.
20/whatever is a visual acuity - a measure of how sharply you can see. 20/30 and 20/50 means you have some blurriness. However, it doesn't tell you what correction is required in order to correct your vision to 20/20. You could need a negative or positive spherical correction, or you might have a cylindrical correction, or both.

Rick gives an interesting analogy, but I kind of like this one - I can run 9 miles an hour. What size are my shoes?
The numbers 20/30 and 20/50 refer to how well your eyes perform (in this case, without glasses). The numbers that make up you refractive power (prescription) are the lens powers in diopters that are needed to make your vision see it's best. There is no direct correlation between these numbers. It would vary with from person to person, pupil size, room lighting, eye potential, etc...

Another way to think of it is engine size verses car speed. If I said I have a car with a 1500 cc engine in it, how fast will it go? Well... if it is in a junk yard, it may not even start !

Make an appoint for an eye exam and stop trying to write your own prescriptions. Unless you are a licensed doctor, this is called practicing medicine without a license and can put you in jail !

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