1. How heavy is your perscription? 2. How much do you wear... Optical survey...you should take it?

1. How heavy is your perscription?
2. How much do you wear your glasses/contacts?
3. I'm 13. Do you think I'm old enough for contacts?
4. What type of frames should I get? My natural hair color is blonde, but recently I colored it brown. The color is mostly gone now though. I'm thinking about dying it reddish brown. What color (besides black) would go best with all these colors? My skin isn't very pale, but not real tan either. I'm a 13-year-old girl. My face is a cross between an oval and heart shape. What shape of frame would look best? If you think that personality effects the choice, my interests are nail art, fashion, writing, dancing, singing and running. I'm in dance and plan to try out for dance and cheerleading for high school (I'm not in cheerleading now because my school doesn't have cheerleading for Jr. High). I'm also in track.
5. If I get contacts, would you recommend wearing them everyday, half the time, or just on special occasions?
Answers:   1. -1.something
2. All the time
3. No.
4. It depends
5. Dont get contacts
1. -3.75 in left, -4.25 in right. Probably not quite strong enough.
2. Depends. If it's sunny I wear them more often so I can wear sunglasses. Always for sports. Less often just for class or around the house.
3. I got contacts in grade 8.
4. Ummm. Try some one and see what you like!
5. I would say not every day. My eyes bother me when I wear them too many days in a row. And not all day on the days you wear them. Wear them when you feel you need them! I'd say I wear mine about half the time.

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